Posted jan 5, 2014
Now taking pre-orders for the following titles:

ÆVANGELIST - De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis 2x12"LP
Estimated Release Date: Feb. 15th, 2014
Order Here!
Bandcamp - Listen

FALSE PROPHET - Second Death 2x12"LP
Estimated Release Date: Jan. 10th, 2014
Order Here!
Bandcamp - Listen

NECROVEN - Descent Into The Cryptic Chasm 7"EP
Estimated Release Date: Jan. 10th, 2014
Order Here!
Bandcamp - Listen
Posted aug 28, 2013
To everyone who pre-ordered the CEMETARY - Incarnation of Morbidity 7"EP...
There's been some delays with the booklet etc.
Once I have everything assembled your orders will be shipped out right away.
Sorry about this, but it's out of my control.
Posted aug 7, 2013
Now taking pre-orders for the re-press of BOMBS OF HADES' debut vinyl release from 2008. The mighty 'Carnivores' 7"EP.
This is a brand new pressing.

Order it HERE.

Or try any of our official distributers in your area.
Iron Bonehead (Germany)
Hell's Headbangers (Usa)
Nuclear Winter (Greece)
Craneo Negro (Mexico)
Obliteration (Japan)
Posted jul 25, 2013
I will be out of town from July 26th. Back at the office Aug.5th.
Not sure if I will have any internet axcess during this time, so please be patient!
Large update coming once I return.
Posted jun 12, 2013
DENIAL (Mex) return from the grave!!!

Resurrected with the following line-up, Oscar Clorio (Drums), Marko Guevara (Guitar), Ricardo Gil (Bass), Isaias Huerta (Vocals also in Necroccultus) and Alejandro Rubio (Guitar also in Sperpentum)...the band is currently working on a new, yet untitled 7"EP for to be released on BLOOD HARVEST this year.

There are also plans for a follow-up, second full-length, to the great "Catacombs of the Grotesque" from 2009.

Taking pre-orders for the following:
VERMINOUS - The Curse of the Antichrist 7"EP
BACKYARD MORTUARY - Lure of the Occult 12"LP
CADAVERIC FUMES - Macabre Exaltation 12"MLP

Please keep in mind that the Release date might have to be moved due to the flooding in parts of Europe!

Posted jun 1, 2013
I will be away from June 4th to June 9th.
Will ship out all paid orders before leaving.
Orders placed & paid during my absence will be shipped in due time when I return.

Sorry about the lack of updates on the website.
Will try to update it once I have time....that means never...hahaha
For more current news, check the facebook page.

Pre-orders accepted for :
CADAVERIC FUMES - Macabre Exaltation 12"MLP
BACKYARD MORTUARY - Lure of the Occult 12"LP

Out soon:
VERMINOUS - Curse of the Antichrist 7"EP

More news will follow...
Posted maj 14, 2013
ALTARS are sharing some tracks from the upcoming "Paramnesia" album. To be released on Blood Harvest in the near future...
Check it out HERE!
Posted maj 9, 2013
Currently at press:
BURIALKULT - A Call from Beyond the Grave CD
BACKYARD MORTUARY - Lure of the Occult 12"LP
CADAVERIC FUMES - Macabre Exaltation 12"MLP
NECROSODOMY - Eternal Darkness 7"EP
BOMBS OF HADES - Carnivores 7"EP
RITUALIZATION - Beyond the Shrine of Shattered Bones 7"EP 

Some reviews:
CADAVERIC FUMES: Worm Gear, True Bringer of Death
BACKYARD MORTUARY: True Bringer of Death
NECROCCULTUS: Blackened Death Metal Zine

More news will follow soon...
Posted maj 3, 2013
Two BURIALKULT interviews.
Occult Black Metal Zine.
Louder Than Hell.

R.I.P Jeff Hanneman
Hell no longer awaits!
Posted apr 18, 2013
First review for BURIALKULT's "A Call From Beyaind the Grave" CD from Worm Gear Zine.
Read is HERE!
Pre-Orders Accepted now!
Order it HERE!
Posted apr 16, 2013
Some general BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS news.

Australian Death Metal band ALTARS, is currently finalizing the mastering and layout for their debut album, Paramnesia, to be released on 12" vinyl LP through Blood Harvest Records and CD via Nuclear Winter.

VERMINOUS has recorded a brand new 7"EP which will be sent of to press promptly. Layout and master are both done already.

The amazing "Macabre Exaltation" Demo by French Death-mongers CADAVERIC FUMES will receive the vinyl treatment through BLOOD HARVEST. The tracks are currently being re-mastered by Gustav Burn who recorded the self-titled NECROVATION album.

The new artwork for the vinyl edition of LUCIFERICON's "The Occult Waters has been finalized by Daniel Self-Desecrator. Layout is being assembled and the release will be sent to press as soon as everything's done.

All layout and audio are ready for the vinyl release of BACKYARD MORTUARY's album, "Lure of the Occult". This is being sent to press now.

Yet another super-limited 7"EP will be released on BLOOD HARVEST. This time GRAVECRUSHER's - Mutilation Ritual Demo will be pressed in 150 copies, black vinyl.
Check out this interview in Louder Than Hell.

Currently at press:
NECROCURSE - Grip of the Dead 12"LP (Release date: April 26th, 2013)
NECROCCULTUS - Solemnelohim, Bringer of Death 12"MLP (Release date: April 26th, 2013)
BURIALKULT - A Call From Beyond the Grave CD (Release Date: May 6th, 2013)
NECROSODOMY - Eternal Darkness 7"EP (Limited to 150 copies. Release Date: TBA)
RITUALIZATION - Beyond the Shrine of Shattered Bones 7"EP (Release Date: TBA)
BOMBS OF HADES - Carnivores 7"EP (Re-issue. Release Date: TBA)       
Posted mar 29, 2013
At press:
NECROCURSE - Grip of the Dead 12"LP
NECROCCULTUS - Solemnelohim, Bringer of Death 12"MLP
NECROSODOMY - Eternal Darkness 7"EP 
DECOMPOSED - Decomposed CD 
BOMBS OF HADES - Carnivores 7"EP
RITUALIZATION - Beyond the Shrine of Shattered Bones 7"EP

In other news...MALIGNANT ASCETICISM has resumed the recording for their upcoming 7"EP and vinyl debut entitled "Ascensum Serpens" soon to be released on Blood Harvest...

More news will follow. In the meantime, you can check us out on Facebook. We tend to post news there more frequent than here...
Posted feb 26, 2013
In 2009 an entity rose to shine the Luciferian light upon the darkness in man.
Through the Occult Waters of subconscious infinity comes; LUCIFERICON!

Blood Harvest is pleased to announce the signing of Dutch Death Metal act LUCIFERICON. 
The band has signed for one vinyl full length album and the vinyl edition of the previously self-released MCD, “The Occult Waters”.

At this moment the renowned artist Daniel / Self Desecrator, is working on new artwork for the re-release of “The Occult Waters”. 
The band also has a new logo courtesy of artist Manuel Tinnemans.

For those unfortunate ones who have still not come across the bands music, visit their bandcamp for a preview.

A few reviews:
Panzer Faust 666 Zine
Voices From The Darkside
Posted jan 31, 2013
GATES OF GEHENNA will enter the studio on June 13th to record their upcoming 12"MLP, "The Pyres Of Avignon", for Blood Harvest.
Expect no mercy!!!
Posted dec 11, 2012
After some delays we finally received the MASTER OF CRUELTY vinyls here today. However, the HADES ARCHER vinyls seem to have been left behind...Should have arrived together, but apparently they will finally be here tomorrow!

All orders will be shipped out this week.

Posted nov 2, 2012
First off.... I will be out of town from Nov. 12th until Nov. 27th.

Orders paid or placed during this time will be handled as soon as I return. If you want your order shipped before I leave, make sure payment is on my account before Nov. 10th!

Out now:
SERPENT ASCENDING - The Enigma Unsettled 12"GF-LP

Now taking pre-orders for the following titles:
BLESSED OFFAL - Dreaming Dark Dementia 12"MLP - Release date: Nov. 5th, 2012
NOSFERATU - In Remembrence 12"LP - Release date: Nov. 11th, 2012
NECROSADIST - Abstract Satan 12"LP - Release date: Nov. 27th, 2012 
CURSE - Integumentum de Tenebrae 10"MLP - Release date: Nov. 27th, 2012

At press:
MASTER OF CRUELTY - Spit on the Holy Grail 12"LP
HADES ARCHER - The Curse Over Mankind 12"MLP

We hope to have these out and available for the "Veneration of Death" evening in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Other than that, tons of plans for 2013!!!

Posted okt 19, 2012
While we patiently wait for the bands second album to follow up the great "Storms of Chaotic Revelations", the bestial horde known as MAGNANIMVS is currently preparing the files for an upcoming 7"EP.
Expect this 7" vinyl EP, titled "Delivers The Power To Overthrown The False Prophet", to be released on Blood Harvest within the coming months.

Posted okt 14, 2012
We are now taking pre-orders for both the SERPENT ASCENDING "The Enigma Unsettled" LP and TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA "Sign of Moloch" MLP.
Release date: Oct. 26th, 2012

Get them here: Serpent Ascending // Tyrant Goatgaldrakona

Full streaming at our Bandcamp site.
Posted okt 9, 2012
Ok, seems it's been a while since I posted any news here...

The ECTOVOID - Fractured in the Timeless Abyss 12"LP  is out since Oct 1st.
If you haven't heard the band yet, check out the full streaming of the album here.
The album is limited to 300 copies. Order it here.

Pre-orders are accepted now for the BOMBS OF HADES - The Serpent's Redemtion 12"LP.
Release date is set to Oct. 19th. All orders will be shipped out promptly after that.
To order go here.  This one is also only pressed in 300 copies. Transparent Yellow vinyl, Gatefold cover and large poster.

SERPENT ASCENDING - The Enigma Unsettled 12"LP (Blood Harvest)
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA - Sign of Moloch 12"MLP (Temple of Abomination)
Release date for both these is set to Oct. 26th.
Pre-orders will be accepted soon!

Recently sent to press:
NECROSADIST - Abstract Satan 12"LP (Blood Harvest)
BLESSED OFFAL - Dreaming Dark Dementia 12"MLP (Blood Harvest co-release w/ Black Mass)
NOSFERATU - In Remembrance 12"LP (To The Death)

Posted sep 13, 2012
I will be out of town from Sept. 14th to Sept. 24th.
No orders can be shipped out during this time.
I will catch up on orders & trades once I return.

In the meantime these titles have gone to press:
SERPENT ASCENDING The Enigma Unsettled 12"GF-LP (Blood Harvest)
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA - Sign of Moloch 12"MLP (Temple of Abomination)
Posted sep 13, 2012
Chaos Vault review of the BURIALKULT - Evil Antichrist Hordes 7"EP.
In Polish, but never the less, 10 of 10.
Posted sep 10, 2012
HADES ARCHER - The Curse Over Mankind 12" vinyl LP on BLOOD HARVEST.
Release date: T.b.a.

In the meantime, check out some tracks from the album:
HADES ARCHER - Atlas Falls
HADES ARCHER - The Darkest Flame
Posted aug 26, 2012
Posted aug 23, 2012
Now taking pre-orders for the following releases:
KRATHERION - Necrouroboros XXXIII 12"LP
UNDEAD CREEP - Enchantment from the Haunted Hills 7"EP
Release date: Aug. 27th, 2012
Available from:

If you are attending the Kill-Town Death Fest, orders can be picked up at the fest to save postage. We will be there!
Posted aug 7, 2012
Posted jul 19, 2012
We are now taking pre-orders for the long awaited COFFIN TEXTS - The Toms of Infinite Ritual 12"LP. Buy your copy here.

Currently at press:
DEGIAL - Death & Darkness Buries All 7"EP
KRATHERION - Necrouroboros XXXIII 12"LP
Limited to 300 copies. Release date: August, 2012

We're also proud to announce that we will release new material from the Sicilian necromaniacs of UNDEAD CREEP. 

UNDEAD CREEP - Enchantment from the Haunted Hills 7"EP
Primordial old school Death Metal! After the very nice full-length debut, "The Ever-Burning Torch", filled to the rim with unrelenting brutal guitar riffs in pure Swedish-oriented Death Metal tradition, which still sets the benchmark of the bands style, these new songs find the band taking a step further into a more obscure and occult sound.
Release date t.b.a

We have also updated our upcoming releases list. More details on some of these coming soon.
Posted jun 30, 2012
Now taking pre-orders for the upcoming TO THE DEATH RECORDS release, DOOMSTONE 'Those Whom Satan Hath Joined' 12"LP
Release date: July 16th, 2012

Rotten, disgusting and horror soaked death metal that today's bands only can dream of, all topped with the abominable vomiting death growls of Mr Deathvomit. All remastered by Bob at Redline studios and gives the sound that extra sharpness that the original lacked. As a special bonus to those filthy few, also included are the two tracks taken from the rare 2 song promo tape.

Limited edition : 100 copies on Black vinyl Small Patch.

Regular edition : 200 copies on Purple vinyl.
Posted jun 14, 2012
We are proud to unleash upon mankind, the 12" vinyl edition of this masterpiece of South American Blackened Death-Thrash!! MASTER OF CRUELTY "Spit on the Holy Grail".
Formed in 2009 in Asunción, Paraguay and since spreading their Unholy chants of Blasphemy. With members of the mighty EKRON CULT.
Front cover illustration by Daniel Self Desecrator.
Expect nothing but raging & unscrupulous hatred towards religion in the true South American spirit!!
Posted jun 6, 2012
Now taking pre-orders for these: 
EREBUS ENTHRONED - Night's Black Angel 12"LP (lmt. 300) 
CORRPUT - Slavestate Serenades 12"LP (lmt. 300) 
Release date : June 15th, 2012 

At press: 
DOOMSTONE - Those Whom Satan Hath Joined 12"LP (To The Death Records) 
COFFIN TEXTS - Tomb of Infinite Ritual 12"LP (Blood Harvest)
Posted maj 7, 2012
Back from touring and whatnot.... Catching up on mailorder / wholesale activities.

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce the upcoming vinyl release of "Fractured in the Timeless Abyss", the debut album of Birmingham, Alabama based ECTOVOID.

Formed as a trio in autumn of 2010 from the ashes of a couple of other projects. The band's first demo, "Breathing Blackness", was recorded in December of that year and self-released on CD-R in March of 2011.

By winter of 2011, the band had finished writing the material for the first full-length album, "Fractured In the Timeless Abyss". The album was recorded in November and December of 2011 and is scheduled for vinyl release in July / August, 2012. The CD edition will be release through Hellthrasher Productions.

Expect 9 tracks of pure Death Metal!
Cover art by Christina Casperson (Nocturnal Blood / Dawnbringer etc.)

Posted jan 31, 2012
We're now taking pre-orders for the XENOMORPH Empyreal Regimes 12"LP.
Release date: Feb. 13th, 2012

During its short lifespan, Xenomorph inflicted their listeners with scars that refused to heal, assaulting the senses with a combination of twisted, technical music and diabolical imagery. Xenomorph's amazing 1995 album, "Empyreal Regimes", was previously only released on CD and has been long out-of-print. 

A limited edition with a bonus one-sided 12" including the band's 1993 "Subspecies" demo is also available directly from our mailorder only!

Also available now, released on PUTRID FILTH:

POISON MASK - Graveyard World 7"EP
Release date: Feb. 1st, 2012

Limited to 300 copies. Excellent mix of metal & punk. If you are into the style of BASTARD PRIEST, NEKROFILTH and so on this might just be the thing for you! Not saying that POISON MASK sounds directly like these bands, but very much with the same attitude and approach to mixing metal and punk. 
Buy now or cry later!!! -

Order here:

More news will follow!
Posted jan 5, 2012
We are now taking pre-orders for the POISONOUS Perdition's Den 12"LP
Both the regular edition and the limited w/ bonus 7" are up in the shop.
Release date: Jan. 27th, 2012

I will be out of the office from Jan. 6th til Jan. 27th!

All orders placed during this time will be shipped out as soon as I return.
E-mail correspondence will be dealt with as frequently as possible!

At press now: XENOMORPH Empyreal Regimes 12"LP (lmt ed. w/ bonus one-sided 12")

Tons of releases in the works for 2012!! 
More info will follow soon!
Posted dec 28, 2011
In early 2012, Blood Harvest will be releasing the vinyl edition of SERPENT ASCENDING's "The Enigma Unsettled" CD, licensed from I, VOIDHANGER RECORDS. More exact release date will follow.

With The Enigma Unsettled, the Finnish occult death metal band SERPENT ASCENDING offers a supremely dark experiment in satanic and mesmerizing music conducted on a primitive metal matter by Jarno Nurmi of Slugathor, Desecresy, and Nerlich fame.The album collects both the Serpent Ascending and The Mournful Pilgrimage recordings from 2009 and 2010 on one record, together with a brand new song.The Enigma Unsettled comes as a luxurious CD slipcase, accompanied by a 20-page full color booklet containing all the lyrics and stunning paintings by new sensational American artist Wiley Trieff.

Coming from Helsinki, Finland, SERPENT ASCENDING is the dark projection of Jarno Nurmi, appreciated bass/guitar player and singer in bands like Slugathor, Desecresy, Nerlich, Night Must Fall, and Nowen.

Firmly rooted in the old school of death metal, but far from being another sterile revival of the late 80's/early 90's, Serpent Ascending started a peculiar creative process that allocates death metal into an inner - yet still nightmarish - dimension of the soul, where cavernous growls lay down on nervous and slanted guitar riffs, vertiginous bass grooves, sudden bursts of speed, and swampy slowdowns. Apparently simple and straight to the point, Serpent Ascending's music hides a remarkable work on subtle harmonies and flowing songwriting, with atmospheric nuances and intriguing details that crawl unseen into each song as well as in the listener's subconscious, bringing forth a hallucinating, twisted and occult vibe.

Serpent Ascending is the feverish, solipsistic delirium of an artist that renovates the true spirit and typical dark heaviness of Finnish death metal in his own, personal way.

---Some review extracts...

"Every lover of genuinely good death metal, the way it was supposed to be, having atmosphere, depth, violence, darkness and a supreme sense of melody, would be advised to give this beautiful beast a chance. Fuck the old school -- all Hail Serpent Ascending!"CHRONICLES OF CHAOS (8,5 out of 10)

"...Creepy, murky, primitive and eerie atmospheres of early Finnish Death Metal that used to set the whole underground world on fire some 20 frigging years ago.(...) The vibe and feeling of those past times are still strongly present in the production of this record, the man himself in charge obviously paying a quite amount of careful attention to not having a too sterile and overly clean sound on this release, just to maintain his primal vision how SERPENT ASCENDING should actually sound like in the first place."VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE

"Serpent Ascending's The Enigma Unsettled is a finely hidden gem within the 2011 metal scene, adding yet another chapter to the fabled Finnish death metal division. Essentially combining elements of Depravity's Silence of the Centuries and at other locations slowing down to the murky depths of Slugathor and Stench of Decay, The Enigma Unsettled is very much a conglomerate of the sounds of this particularly rotten death metal scene and a pleasant surprise for the weary and uncompromising heeder."SPUTNIK MUSIC (4 out of 5)

"I could go on listening to "Saturnal", "The Enigma Unsettled" and "Endless Initiations" repeatedly. They are some of the stronger old school numbers I've heard of this sort in recent years, and should be mentioned alongside bands like Sonne Adam or Father Befouled as an example of how to do this all correctly. (...) Serpent Ascending are likely to thrill the newcomers to the niche, or provide manny (un)happy returns for the veterans who seek sincerity amidst the grinding miasma."FROM THE DUST RETURNED (7,5 out of 10)

Posted dec 28, 2011
It's been a while since my last update. Been busy working on new releases and catching up after tours and what not.

The IMPETUOUS RITUAL 12"LP has been out since early Dec. Since then we have also received the MORBID GODS 7", both the Blood Harvest Release and the Demo 7" released on TEMPLE OF ABOMINATION as well as the NECROSADIST 'Abstract Satan' CD. 
All these are available from the web-shop

The POISONOUS "Perdition's Den" 12"LP is already at press and should be ready in mid-January. There will be a limited edition including a 7"EP with the 2009 Demo material. This is lmt to 100 copies.

We are now preparing the XENOMORPH "Empyreal Regimes" 12"LP to send it off to press a.s.a.p. There will be a limited edition of this as well, including a one-sided 12" with the 1993 "Subspecies" Demo.

Tons of other releases are planed for 2012. More news coming very soon!

Posted okt 19, 2011

Posted okt 18, 2011
One more distributer in N. America. "The Basar (NA)" will be getting some Blood Harvest titles. Support us by supporting them.
Posted okt 13, 2011
BURIALKULT is currently recording and finalizing the layout for their vinyl debut, 'Evil Antichrist Hordes' a 7"EP to be released on BLOOD HARVEST in the very near future.
This will be followed up by a debut full length album in 2012.

BURIALKULT (ex-ESBAT) was formed under a cold fullmoon union between Phlegathon (vocals), Funeral Aggressor (Bass) and Imperion (Guitar) in the wastelands of Canada in 2011 to spread the words of Luciferian Khaos and destruction.
Soon after, the line up was solidified by Dominus on drums. It was then that BURIALKULT was epitomized as an un-holy kult and released a three song demo titled "Perverting The Altar" and under the black banner of sorcery perform unholy black-metal perversion.
BURIALKULT continues their unending war with new battle-craft and occulting Satanic Metal art...

At present the line up consists of... 
Phlegathon (Anti cosmic tomes of ecclesiastical destruction)
Imperion (Grand Marshal of the seminary Abyss)
Funeral Aggressor (Imperial augury of sodomy)
Dominus (Armoured Monstrosity).
Posted okt 12, 2011
Necrosadist "Abstract Satan" debut full-length album will be unleashed in exactly one month on 11/11/2011 through Temple of Flesh and Blood Harvest Records in Europe and Daemon Worship Produtions in the US and North America.

"Abstract Satan" is a proper head-first initiation into the abyss of Necrosadist; a forty-six minute blistering deluge of Raw Necro Violence. Serpentine, dynamic song structures gnarling and twisting together titanic, gargantuan riffs, intense blasting machinegun violence, slit-throat vocals that are vomited - not sung, obscure and hypnotic atmospheres, chaotic, wailing guitar solos screaming from the netherworlds and hints of occult psychedelia - all pointing in the only direction possible: downwards towards Hell. Άγιος 'Ισχυρος Μπάφομετ, Άγιος Αθάνατος! Also features lyrical contributions courtesy of KHZ (Bestia ArcanaMalchiraEvangelivm) and MkM (Aosoth,Antaeus). You are nothing but flesh. 

1. Indoctrination [2:14]
2. Abstract Satan [4:30]
3. Rising from the Earth [6:13] sample!
4. Golems of Flesh [4:09]
5. Obsidian Sphere (Psychotic Revelations) [6:13]
6. From the Virulent Entrails of the Virus Christ [6:12] sample!
7. Lies of Repent Turning Red [5:08]
8. Hate Manifest [11:52]

The album will be released on CD, with a noble vinyl version featuring alternate layout to follow later through Blood Harvest Records.
Posted sep 16, 2011
We're proud to announce yet another blasphemous coming release on Blood Harvest. This time we bring you the vinyl edition of IMPETUOUS RITUAL's debut album from 2009, "Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence". Originally released on CD by mighty PROFOUND LORE.

The release is scheduled in time for their US-tour in late November, early December.

For more info, read here.

Posted aug 31, 2011
We are expecting the new BASTARD PRIEST 12"LPs today!!
All pre-orders will be shipped out after the Kill-Town Death-Fest!!

After some pressingplant issues, we are now finally moving forward again.

We have the TEITANFYRE 12"LP at press and hope to be able to start taking pre-orders for that one soon.

Also just sent the  BLAZE OF PERDITION 12"LP to press. Release date to be announced soon.

GATES OF GEHENNA have decided on a new title for their upcoming 7" vinyl debut.
New title is "Gloria Ignis: The Pyres Of Avignon".

--- Song titles:
I: Of Death's Rapture (The Archangel Graves)
II: Beneath Redemption, Below Contempt
III: Visions Behind The Cataract

Aiming to have this sent to press in November!
Expect the worst!
Posted jul 13, 2011
The SCYTHIAN and NECROVOROUS lp's are now available for pre-order from the web-shop!
Posted jul 8, 2011
Just heard from the pressing plant that the SCYTHAIN and NECROVOROUS lp's will be ready soon. I will upload them for pre-orders as soon as I have a confirmed delivery date from the plant.

Wholesale pre-orders can be done now.Any questions, get in touch.

SCYTHIAN - To those who stand against us 12"GF-LP
Scythian's debut full-length "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is a ferocious tour de force presenting Scythian's unique brand of Metal; malicious, down-tuned riffs that could have been recorded by Sodom in the mid-80's melt into truly magnificent choir-backed passages reminiscent of "Hammerheart"-era Bathory only to collapse into a frenzied blasting orgy of war, death and desolation; emerging once again from the chaos with some of the most virtuose guitar solos ever to be heard on a Metal recording. Enshrined in a face-melting production courtesy of Leon Macey (Mithras) that perfectly captures the sonic madness as it happens, "To Those Who Stand Against Us..." is one of the strongest debut albums in recent years and proves that Scythian are truly a force to be reckoned with. We are proud to finally be giving this album the vinyl treatment it so well deserves!

NECROVOROUS - Funeral for the Sane 12"LP
The malignant Greek Death-mavens NECROVOROUS unleashes a viral slab of foul Death Metal with the sickening debut “Funeral For The Sane”. Disgustingly brilliant and capturing the undeniable vibe of the early 90's Death Metal style with a strong stench of Doom overtones, “Funeral For The Sane” brings us back to when music that was this ugly and extreme was still considered illegal.
Posted jun 25, 2011
Another killer release from TO THE DEATH REC. coming out soon.
The release date is set to July 15th, 2011.
We have it available for pre-order in the shop, but keep in mind that orders including this title will not ship out until after July 15th!!
For more info visit the web-shop.

Mailorders / Distros interestd in wholesale copies get in contact me for more info. HERE!
Blood Harvest is doing the exclusive distribution.
Posted jun 24, 2011
We're aiming at releasing the new BASTARD PRIEST album, "Ghouls of the Endless Night", in time for the Kill-Town Fest on Sept. 2nd & 3rd.
Make sure you're there to get your hands on the limited edition!

Blood Harvest Facebook.... Yes, it's true... right here!

Kill-Town Facebook, right here!
Spread the word...

Posted jun 15, 2011
THORNS OF HATE Heretical Dawn of Apocalypse 7"EP
Pre-orders accepted now!
Release date: June 24th, 2011

The bands vinyl debut includes exclusive and new material. Expect nothing but raw, bestial, hateful, primitive Black/Death inspired by ungodly hordes such as Blasphemy, Morbosidad, Conqueror, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Abhorer, Rator and so on.
An iron fist in the face of gods! Only War is real! Hate is the law!!

To pre-order go to the shop!
Posted jun 14, 2011
We have a new Po Box address.
All mail sent to the old one will be re-directed to the new address.
Blood Harvest
Box 4176
22722 Lund
Posted maj 3, 2011
As some of you might already know we will be releasing a new, yet untitled, BASTARD PRIEST album in the near future. The recording is already mixed and mastered. We are just waiting for the layout to be finalized.
In the meantime you can all enjoy two preview tracks through the bands new website.

More news coming!
Posted maj 2, 2011
Finally some news...
We are currently awaiting the THORNS OF HATE "Heretical dawn of apocalypse" 7"EPs from the pressingplant. These should hopefully arrive here end of next week.

LVCIFYRE's debut album, "The Calling Depths", was recently sent to press. Expect more news in a week or two.

We're proud to announce that we will be releasing the vinyl edition of one of Russias most prominent Black/Death squadrons TEITANFYRE. The album debute is titled "Morbid Death's Sceptre". The vinyl edition will include an exclusive bonus track, "Speaking Graves".
Currently awaiting the layout and master. More news will follow.

Posted mar 24, 2011
Posted mar 7, 2011
To The Death has proudly joined forces with the unholy horde of Satan known as MORDANT!
MORDANT started 1997 in the lost city of Dals-Långed and has since then released two albums and a couple of demos, most lately “Back from Hell” 2008 that has just been released on true tape by Death Invocation.
For those unlucky who havent heard the horde of MORDANT try to visualize SARCOFAGO sodomizing the corpse of DISSECTION at the sound of the demon bell. Pure evil rawness with that extra touch of class and melody.
A new fullenght is being prepared for TTD for a full scale attack autumn 2011! On LP and CD.
Posted jan 17, 2011
ABYSME have just finnished recording 10 songs for their debut album, entitled 'Strange Rites', which is to be released on vinyl this spring through Blood Harvest. Mix and mastering will be done within the coming weeks. The album will be graced by the artwork of Matt Putrid.
Posted jan 8, 2011
Just received some bad news from my friends of the great French Death Metal band BLOODY SIGN. Read their official statement below.

French band BLOODY SIGN has decided to split up after 15 years of devotion to death metal. Bass/vocalist Hagend left the band in early December, which leaded Ilmar & Kalevi both founders of the band to dissolve, rather than looking for a replacement.

BLOODY SIGN eternally thanks all the people who supported our sounds and dedication to extreme music.

But from the burning remains of the band should rise a new dark sound propagation with both founder members and……. See you in strange new aeons!

Chaos Echoes the band’s third album has recently been released on gatefold LP by Blood Harvest rec.

… For the Unknown!

Posted sep 14, 2010
LVCIFYRE's upcoming album has been recorded, mixed and mastered. The album, titled 'The Calling Depths', offers 8 new, crushing, hymns to darkness.
We are currently waiting for the artwork and layout to be finished.

"Here we are, 2 years later another curse upon Mankind, another thorn in the eye of God. Great opus delivered unto our hands emanates with wrath and might!

Factory Studios –  fed our beast. It is mighty, ugly and hungry.
Victorious Darkness! Infect the masses!
Lamb, beware the sword you cannot see!
This is just the beginning..." - (T.Kaos /LVCIFYRE)

Posted sep 14, 2010

We have two brand new releases out:
CAULDRON BLACK RAM - Slubberdeguillion' 12" LP (
MAVETH - Of Serpent and Shadow MLP (

You can order them from the shop.

At press:
ENCOFFINATION - Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture EP
BLOODY SIGN - Chaos Echoes 12" LP
WITCHAVEN - Terrorstorm 12" LP

Posted aug 11, 2010
RITUAL TORTURE has just finished recording with Ed Talorda, who is currently mixing the two tracks for their upcoming, debut vinyl release 'Void of Chaos' EP.Mastering will be done by Gabe Tenuta, who also mastered their 'Rise of the Fallen' Demo.The final details for the cover art and layout are being done right now. Hopefully everything will be ready to be sent to press in about a month or two.
More news to follow.
Posted aug 8, 2010
Posted jun 22, 2010
We're proud to announce that we will be releasing the vinyl debute of this crushing two-piece from Malaysia.

THORNS OF HATE came into existence in 2004, with an intention to play bestial and primitive Black/Death metal in the old vein. the originator of the band, Blackblood Debauchery of Blasphemy, asked several persons to join the horde but most of them never shared the same vision, nor the idea, of what bestial Black/Death should be.
After several failed attempts to find a suitable maniak to fulfill the line up duties, Blackblood Debauchery of Blasphemy decide that the only correct thing to do, was to do it all himself.

Somewhere in 2005, "Nuklear Infernal War" promo-single, was recorded but never unleash as an official release. Still a few metal maniacs got their hand on the promo and really liked it although the song was really bad with shitty drum machine.

THORNS OF HATE  was then put on hold since it was hard to find suitable demons for the line-up. Blackblood Debauchery of Blasphemy was also busy with other commitments in bands such as ENVENOM and NEFARIOUS AZARAK.

Several years later, THORNS OF HATE returns stronger than ever, with a new line-up, now including Bestial Genocidal Wrath of Azrael and a self-released monster of a demotape, inspired by ungodly hordes such as Blasphemy, Morbosidad, Conqueror, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Abhorer, Rator and so on.

The band is currently preparing the new material of the vinyl debut!! Expect nothing but raw, bestial, hateful, primitive Black/Death, an iron fist in the face of gods! Only War is real! Hate is the law!!
Posted maj 17, 2010
Check it out here!
Posted maj 6, 2010
DIABOLICAL MESSIAH - Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! LP (Gatefold LP + Lyrics + Poster)

9 track debut album. Powerful, merciless, brutal and evil Death Metal, the way it was meant to be.After 10 years of existence they are back with one of the most destructive albums ever recorded in Chile. This album follows the tradition of the old Chilean Death Metal, which meant to be one of the most cruel ever played in this fucking plastic planet...and still does!
Imagine a mixture between the fast/evil passages of early Incantation, early Krisiun, early Morbid Angel, early Totten Korps,early Atomic Aggressor and the sharpen guitars of the old almighty Slayer!The front cover follows the real Southamerican Metal tradition with an unholy blasphemous painting without any fucking virtual FX!

To be released on vinyl by BLOOD HARVEST (Sweden) in conspiracy with PROSELYTISM (Chile)

Release date: T.b.a

Sample: DIABOLICAL MESSIAH - Celestial Ceremony

Next to Press:
NOMINON - Monumentomb LP (regular + lmt edition)
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN - People of the Monolith LP (regular + lmt edition)

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