BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS and HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS are proud to present MALIGNER's highly anticipated debut album, Attraction to Annihilation, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Release Date: August 31st, 2018.

One of the most promising hordes BLOOD HARVEST have come across in some time, MALIGNER are a deathrashing power-trio hailing from the label's hometown of Malmö, Sweden. To date, MALIGNER have a two-song digital promo released during the autumn of 2016 and then, a few months later, the five-song Demon EP, which BLOOD HARVEST release on cassette tape and digital formats. Bolstered by the attention afforded Demon, the trio truly come into their own on Attraction to Annihilation.

For a debut album, Attraction to Annihilation is as fully formed as they come. MALIGNER may be only entering their third year of existence, but the attention to craft and class across this eight-song firestorm is seriously the work of veterans - but, of course, ones not yet complacent with their ideas and especially execution. Right from the very first notes of opener "Oath-bound," MALIGNER explode with a dazzling array of fleet-footed 'n' finessed death metal in a most late '80s mold, back when actual songwriting mattered most and bands like Death, Sadus, and Dark Angel ruled the underground. Indeed, even nomenclature like "deathrash" didn't really exist; it was simply all METAL, just darker and more deathly than what the aboveground was proffering. But, MALIGNER are no mere retro retread: their compositional prowess is in a league of its own, and their attention to the finer details of aggression bespeaks a maturity that thankfully isn't neutering. In fact, the longer this 31-minute maelstrom rolls on, the more dizzying it becomes, possessing both body and spirit in a grand celebration of destruction and death.

Try as you may, there's just no denying MALIGNER's Attraction to Annihilation!



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We are a bit behind on mail-order activities due to the immense amount of work here.
All CAVURN and ORDEALS / DAETHORN pre-orders are being shipped promptly.

Delayed releases:
TAPHOS - Come Ethereal Somberness CASSETTE
ABYTHIC - Beneath Ancient Portals CD & CASSETTE
BLACK MASS PERVERTOR - A Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh CD & CASSETTE
And of course the merchandise nightmare we hope to have solved a.s.a.p.


OSSUARIUM // DRAGHKAR - Calcified Trophies of Violence / World Unraveled 12”MLP

Limited to 250 copies.
Made specifically in time for the two bands joint tour in August. Includes the material from Ossuarium's "Calcified Trophies of Violence" Demo & Draghkar's "World Unraveled" Demo.



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Today, war metal upstarts Goat Disciple stream the entirety of their striking debut EP, Wolfcult Domination, at heavily trafficked web-portal The CD and cassette versions shall be released on June 15th via Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions, while the vinyl version will follow later on July 14th.
Hear Goat Disciple's Wolfcult Domination in its entirety exclusively here...

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Goat Disciple are a quintet who unapologetically craft WAR METAL. In the strictest sense, their particular style of spurn 'n' churn melds the most barbaric recesses of black metal to the molten muscle of death metal. As such, their four-song Wolfcult Domination is both meatgrinder and rusty tank, surging ever forward with buzzsaw riffing - with the emphasis truly on RIFFS, unlike so much so-called "war metal" - and often dipping into downtempo vortexes that are nothing short of world-eating. Throughout the EP's 24-minute entirety, Goat Disciple remain locked in, deadly and deliriously, playing with a passion like their lives truly depended on it, imparting an all-too-rare sense of physicality amongst a morass of usually lifeless "aggression" pedaled so much and so callously by the underground. References to be made include godfathers Diocletian but also Angelcorpse at their berserker best and classic Katharsis; nevertheless, on the strength of this opening salvo, Goat Disciple are surely on their way to marking the battlefield in their own manner. Prepare for Wolfcult Domination!

Full preparations can be made exclusively, courtesy of

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Tracklisting for Goat Disciple's Wolfcult Domination
1. Oreb Zaraq
2. Black Skull Hypnogogue
3. Torture Siddhi
4. Mammon


BLOOD HARVEST to release new HACAVITZ album on vinyl - currently streaming in full

Today, Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions set August 10th as the international release date for Hacavitz's cult fifth album, Nex Nihil, on vinyl LP format. Limited to 250 copies.

One of the underground's best-kept secrets, Mexico's Hacavitz have been pursuing an intense and challenging vision of death metal for nearly 15 years now. Having released albums on such labels as Moribund and Dark Descent, they returned to more underground-rooted auspices last year with Nex Nihil, which is now seeing its first release on vinyl. Here, the power-trio explore supremely blackened textures and more epic song structures, culminating in the unforgettable 11-minute whirlwind "Relentless Sleep." Where so many cheap carbon-copies get so much attention under the banner of "death metal," it is often that the true mavericks get unjustly overlooked, and Blood Harvest endeavors to rectify this with the vinyl release of Hacavitz's gargantuan Nex Nihil!

In the leadup to its vinyl release, the entirety of Nex Nihil is currently streaming at Blood Harvest's Bandcamp.

Preorder info can be found here:


Full Album Stream: Taphos - "Come Ethereal Somberness" | Decibel Magazine


Artwork ready for the upcoming Caedes Cruenta / Cult of Eibon split 7" vinyl EP. A must for the true worshippers of ancient Greek black metal ala Thou Art Lord, Rotting Christ & Varathron, the 7" vinyl is scheduled for autumn 2018 release. More info will follow soon!


You are listening to the song "Sinews Of Blood And Vein", by Valdrin, from their upcoming album Two Carrion Talismans.
Release date: September 28th, 2018


VALDRIN are one of the metal underground's best-kept secrets. Hailing from Ohio, VALDRIN formed in 2010 with the intent to play a unique form of black/death metal using a lyrical concept called the "Ausadjur Mythos." This story combines many aspects of various ancient mythologies and occult practices, all synthesized into one grandiose tale, told through the eyes of the protagonist Valdrin Ausadjur. The debut album Beyond The Forest was released in June 2014, garnering critical acclaim in reviews through many different zines, including Decibel. Since the release of Beyond The Forest, VALDRIN have been playing various live gigs throughout the American Midwest while completing the recording of their second album, Two Carrion Talismans.

At last upon us, Two Carrion Talismans sees VALDRIN going from strength to strength. Undoubtedly death metal through and through, there is a pervasive sense of strangeness that seeps through every nook and every note of Two Carrion Talismans. Its compositions endlessly spiral and shapeshift upon themselves, all whilst maintaining a highly memorable quality; VALDRIN are truly grounded in METAL music, but choose death metal as the primary platform. And yet, with their seamlessly blended usage of synths adding a most haunting and even levitational quality, Two Carrion Talismans takes on a decidedly blackened aspect, imparting a sense of mysticism and even wonder to their muscular attack. It all blends together into a deliriously dark and daresay velvety experience, like drowning into an inky beyond much like the cover art's protagonist.

All told, VALDRIN in general and Two Carrion Talismans in particular impart a truly unique timelessness, one that feels vaguely/specifically mid '90s "retro" on the surface, but more accurately - and more beyond/below said surface - an incredibly nuanced and textured approach to craftsmanship and narrative voice that soundly puts it in a class all its own. With more touring across the USA planned for this year, Two Carrion Talismans grandly marks the arrival of VALDRIN!


HAR is still looking for a few dates to fill all the September dates of their Debut European tour in Germany, Netherlands and the area.

Any Promoters interested can contact the band via their FB page.
Dates needed are the 7th or 16th in Berlin area, 9th, 10th and 12th.
Route can be seen in the added flyer

Checkout their latest E.P "Visitation":


HELTER SKELTER & BLOOD HARVEST proudly presents Plaguestorm's first official release, "Eternal Throne"- An EP featuring 4 tracks of orthodox Swedish black metal released as 12" vinyl and digital.
Release date: July 9th 2018
Pre-order your copy now from the Helter Skelter bandcamp:
or the Blood Harvest bandcamp:
Promo-video of the song "With Closed Eyes I Behold":

PLAGUESTORM, one of the Swedish black metal scenes best & most hidden secrets. Hailing from the Swedish city of Malmö, a city with close to a non-existing metal scene, but has recently started to produce bands such as Ultra Silvam & Jordablod.

Having released two cult-demos, PLAGUESTORM finally breaks the ice after four years of silence with the following EP. Recorded in 2015, it was intented to be relased the same year, but faced many hardships and delays, but is finally being showcased to the world three years later. On "Eternal Throne", PLAGUESTORM features four tracks in 21 minutes, where all possible aspects of black metal is being mixed into one, big gruesome bowl where everything from the classic guitar leads of Mercyful Fate, and the chaotic mayhem of Katharsis has it's righteous place. Pure devil-worshipping reaping metal of absolute DEATH.